Debra and Hugo Saavedra, Founders of Saavy Naturals

About Us

For over 20 years, Hugo and Debra have been innovating in the natural beauty care space on a national and global level.

Their backgrounds as chefs and mutual passion for creativity in business lead them to create several top-selling body care brands, including Hugo & Debra Naturals; SoulSpring; ProVault and their ultimate creation, Saavy Naturals.

When the Saavedras first entered the national scene, they were challenged by the natural industry, which contended that their vibrant scents and colors simply could not be natural. They were especially challenged by the industry about their ground-breaking preservative system. It was tough, but they overcame these challenges, and in the process, raised the bar in their industry. They introduced the idea of “food grade body care” to the marketplace. Their standards for “natural” are unparalleled, often emulated but never replicated.